Anthony cumia is dating

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After telling this to Ramon, their friendship becomes somewhat awkward, so they decide to part ways.

Then in short order, his girlfriend (Gaby Hoffmann) reads his body language and insists they stop dating, his car is off-handedly destroyed by a city repair crew, he impulsively buys a 00 motorcycle which he then crashes, he completely annoys his ex-wife (Susan Kelechi Watson), makes his ex-girlfriend completely determined to not end up in an endless empty relationship with him.While doing so, he also goes on a radio show via phone to help boost ticket sales for a comedy show he is doing in Kansas City.Gregg "Opie" Hughes, Anthony Cumia, Jim Norton and Amy Schumer guest star as the Kansas City radio hosts. Delores (Maria Dizzia) confronts Louie at their children's school and asks him to go to therapy with her to discuss their previous sexual encounter, Louie declines and instead agrees to go shopping at IKEA with her for items for her home.He meets a woman (Parker Posey), a bookstore employee who makes an insightful recommendation for Lilly.Louie returns to the bookstore and asks the bookstore employee on a date, which she accepts.

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