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Is someone's Belief in VIRTUE more important than VIRTUE itself? Experience will only teach us, 'what not to do', But 'not what to do'.

Chandamama Kathalu is a paradox of a writer's point of view about life and his journey towards the path of enlightenment that we humans are mire particles in the greater aspect of the universe and forces beyond our imagination.

The magazine started the unique trend of telling a story, almost always bound by a common thread of moral values, with a grandparents' style of storytelling in the most flexible third-person narrative mode, on print.

The stories published have been drawn from numerous historical and modern texts in India, as well as from other countries.

Some of the stories and the folklore features were written by Dasari Subrahmanyam, who made serials like Patala Durgam, etc., also very popular.

It was revamped in November 2008 and had gone contemporary in terms of language, presentation, artwork, and content.

Mythology, epics, fables, parables and even useful hearsay were spun suitably to feed the impressionable minds so that they seek the right direction in life, even while entertaining them thoroughly.

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The wise king answers correctly, and is thus defeated by the Vetala, forcing the king do it all over again and again.* Music and BGM : was mild from start till end .... Intertwining stories of people belonging to a cross section of society.Chandamama was a classic Indian monthly magazine for children, famous for its illustrations.As the oldest brand in the field, Chandamama had taken up the responsibility of delivering entertaining, sensitive, and educational literature for its young readers.Chandamama was published in 13 languages (including English), and had a readership of about 200,000.

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