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When she was closer Maggie sucked at Emily’s finger and then released it.

“Please, just let me do this for you,” said Maggie.

Smith placed in the local newspaper for a babysitter. Maggie looked at Emily on the sofa and just stood there, her mouth open but with silent protestations emanating from it. Emily was too late, as she reached for them Maggie picked them up and held them to her chest. Dirty thoughts spread through her mind as she contemplated her next move carefully. She had decided that morning, that there was no use pretending or being coy about it.

“So you like masturbating,” Maggie said in a calm voice that waited for a reply. Emily looked Maggie in the eye and started to fondle her pussy.

Emily was unsure what ‘this’ meant until she saw Maggie slide off the sofa and nestle her head in between Emily’s opened thighs.

Maggie kissed Emily’s thigh close to her knee, she kissed all the way up her thigh until she reached her pussy and then she kissed the opposite thigh.

Emily pushed her finger inside her again and Maggie followed.

Maggie slipped down the sofa and pushed her fingers of her left hand inside her.

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Maggie focused on Emily’s hand as it caressed her pussy lips.Emily had never seen another woman masturbate in front of her before.She found the experience highly erotic and the air was sexually charged.First one, then the second; the tip of her index finger, of her right hand, played with her clit.Neither woman had said a word all the while they were playing with themselves.

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