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Cammas Hall Farm Needham Green, Hatfield Broad Oak CM9 718777 Carpenters Farm St.

Cammas Hall Fruit Farm is a great family day out where you can pick your own fresh fruit (ready picked also available), then come into the Tea Barn for some refreshments or lunch before browsing the local produce in our Farm Shop.

Look no further than our ‘Pick Your Own’ fruit farm list, hopefully there will be a farm that is within short distance wherever you area.

Fresh air, maybe some sunshine, and at the end you get to eat the fruits of your labour.

You should contact them to inquire about employment availabilities.

Not many people know about it but it’s a great place for fruit or strawberry picking in Essex. ’ So this is my review of it – if you want to know about the farms opening times or other places for fruit picking in Essex then I’ve popped these at the end of the post.

Many West Midlands, East Midlands, and East of England farms pay migrant workers, pickers, and farmhands well.

England represents an excellent opportunity for farming industry workers seeking picking jobs.

In addition to the fruit we also offer sweetcorn, onions and sunflowers!

Midlands agriculture jobs need entry-level and seasoned farmhands, migrant workers, vegetable pickers, and fruit pickers to staff several open positions on farms across England.

West Midlands, East Midlands, and East of England farmers produce fruits and vegetables, but agricultural jobs need staffed on busy livestock farms across the country, as well.

Occasionally we go out as a family and I think ‘I’m not going to blog about this, I’m not going to blog about this, I’m just going to have a nice time…’ and then ‘Argh! This weekend we went to Hilltop Farm in Benfleet, which is about a twenty minute drive from central Southend.

I’ve wanted to do fruit picking for ages, I grew up in Kent and picking strawberries was just one of those things that you did every summer holiday.

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