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In order to recreate the haunting end scene, “wide shots of the burning was done with a mannequin of Nic Cage, this was articulated by remote by Tony Lindala, creature effects” said art direction head Michael Diner in an interview with The Daily Beast.“We had only one live burn and kept it going until there was not much left.

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The crew shot two scenes: one with Dupontel holding an extinguisher cut in half, allowing him to “hit” the actor without actually striking him, and another with Dupontel holding a real extinguisher and bashing the head in of a latex face filled with blood.

While Columbus and Little Rock are off watching Ghost Busters in the mansion’s screening room, Murray treats Tallahassee and Wichita to a hookah packed with some grade-A marijuana, before the trio hilariously reenact a scene from Ghost Busters, while stoned.

“For the hookah scene in Zombieland we used herbal cigarettes as pot,” props worker Katrina Rice told The Daily Beast.

The effects crew used rotoscope techniques to match the CGI face with the actor’s, then used matte painting to create the bruises, blood, and show the deformed face at different stages.

They also added movements to the mutilated body through their own software, dubbed “Trukor.” When they filmed the scene, “even the people around [Dupontel] in the club thought he was really killing someone,” Noé told Vice Magazine. BURNING TO DEATH Nicolas Cage, The Wicker Man Although Neil La Bute’s American remake is a far cry from the 1973 British horror classic, the story of a sheriff (Cage) investigating the disappearance of a young girl from a small, remote island who discovers a strange mystery involving the island’s neo-pagan community, still gives chills.

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