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A gay California woman filed a lawsuit last month accusing e Harmony of discrimination. Neil Clark Warren, is an evangelical Christian, and his background includes close ties to the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. I recently was watching NBC during a sporting event on a Saturday afternoon and saw the ad for It stopped me dead in my tracks and made me so happy that I laughed out loud." : 1) He says e Harmony's partner-matching algorithms have been derived through studying successful straight marriages. I found maybe 10 gay women that were listed as matches total.I emailed demanding a refund and company had the nerve to say because I sent an email out they cannot refund my account!Im not going to say what most people do and go on about how great Chemistry is.Im happy with it, sure, but its no better than the other site I use for setting up dates (We Just The scammers were all "Widowers", mushy emails to me. I said, "I would rather communicate through the website." Never heard from them again. Fraudulent website -- never been on or signed up for or and received an 'interested in you' email from

2) He says e Harmony's goal is creating marriages, and since same-sex marriage is "largely illegal" that's an "issue for us." I call complete bullpoo on both these rationales.

Often it happens immediately – you meet someone and you feel you’re both buzzing with chemistry.

This has led us to believe that chemistry should always be instant, but this really isn’t the case.

If you’ve been on several dates with someone and you’re just not feeling the chemistry then it’s probably time to cut your losses. Give it some time That said, don’t expect a first date to be crackling with great chemistry.

As we said above, chemistry can take time, and dismissing a perfectly nice person off the back of a couple of hours you spent together could be a mistake. Good looks do NOT equal chemistry Chemistry and attractiveness aren’t the same thing.

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