Dating air force man

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Her narrow lanes were trod by some of the greatest people in history, and she breathed life into many of the finest craftsmen, musicians, artists and scientists ever born.

Truly a cradle of European culture, her glorious churches, grand residences, ancient walls and old castle quietly rested by the banks of the river, enchanting and fragrant with history long before the dawn of twentieth century.

When it was over, 90% of the city’s historic buildings were completely destroyed and the city’s pre-war population was halved. By the end of the 19th century, only about 70 remained. In the old castle courtyard, there stood an 850 year-old tree planted by the Empress Kunigunde.

The castle (the German National Museum) was destroyed.

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In the final assault, 795 Allied bombers unleashed their fury over the old city.

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95 of them were lost and 545 RAF airmen died, more in that one night than during the entire battle of Britain.

Centuries of culture and history were smashed into oblivion unnecessarily.

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