Dating Regensburg

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Train rides to Nuremberg, Passau, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna and even Budapest are most unforgettable.

Undergraduate students in their sophomore year with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better and sufficient knowledge of German are eligible to apply for the Regensburg Program.

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Competition is open to students from Vanderbilt University.

Today, 150.000 people make this beautifully located, scenic city a major economic and cultural center in Bavaria.

A local repertory theater, excellent first-run and revival cinemas, its own classical music series, operas, and festivals prove Regensburg's status as a United Nations 'Cultural Inheritance Site'.

Hiszėkeny, törėkeny, ėrzėkeny, de folyton bizakodó .

Nem beletörödö, ės nem megalkuvó , vidám, positiv gondolkofásu magára ės környezetėre igėnyes nö vagyok.

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