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Reade turned the play into a prose story in 1852 that he called “Peg Woffington”.

Reade also wrote a historical novel called “The Cloister and the Hearth” about a married man who becomes a Dominican friar on hearing that his wife has died.

The Appian Way has to be the most famous of the amazing roads of Ancient Rome. Resident of China or Japan, but not India or Iran : EAST ASIAN 34.

It stretched from Rome right into the south of Italy, terminating in the city of Brindisi in the southeast.

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Geographically, the Corn Belt covers Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and parts of Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri.

Asgard and Valhalla are ruled by the god Odin, the chief Norse god.

There are some very specific terms used to describe the children born to Japanese immigrants in their new country. “Nisei” are second generation Japanese, “Sansei” the third generation (grandchildren of the immigrant), and “Yonsei” are fourth generation. We use it in English in the phrase “with gusto” meaning “with great enjoyment”.

Both terms are derived from the Latin “emendare” meaning “to remove fault”.

Tau is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet, and the letter which gave rise to our Roman “T”.

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