Debra messing and eric mccormack dating

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As you'd expect, the political commentary is on point, savage and funny as hell.Whether a joke is aimed at President Trump or a generation of gays who don't know Stonewall from Stonehenge, W&G hits the target with impressive consistency.Messing replied that she was only told it was a “Today” show appearance and didn’t know Kelly was hosting. Dismayed by her comments.” Kelly received backlash online after bringing a “Will & Grace” fan on during a Monday segment with the sitcom’s cast and asking him if he was inspired to become gay and a lawyer because of Eric Mc Cormack’s character, a gay attorney.

The reboot, at least based on the two episodes I’ve seen so far, is 100-percent the W&G that I — and likely you — loved. They slid right back into them with such ease, like they'd never forgotten any of their ticks and foibles, and it makes it just as easy for fans to slip back into spending our Thursday evenings with them.And, at the end of the day, it reminds us that, beneath the barbs and bon mots, the show has a heart that’s as strong as it is soft.To say the first three episodes of the new season are equally clever would be a lie; they only get better from the track-laying opener, as the cast proves itself to be as energetic, opinionated, and hysterical as ever.The foursome lives their lives, with rapid-fire callbacks, zingers galore, and timely breaks for a few heart-to-hearts."Will & Grace" is nothing like other, lazy revivals.

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