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He had known that I enjoyed being tied up and restrained for a long time.

He gently suggested tying up my wrists to the head posts of the bed for a start, and then pushed my knees up so that my completely shaved pussy was exposed.

The beer was helping me to relax and I did admit that I was very excited and curious about what would happen.

He asked me if I trusted him, said that of course I did, and he nodded and told me to follow him.

I had no idea that anyone had any idea of my secret desires and their canine direction.

He turned the vibrator back on and laid it on the side of my clit, He told me to tell him what I wanted to do with a dog, I hesitated, I wanted that orgasm SO bad, maybe if I delayed him just a few moments more……He pulled it away…..

We chatted about work for a few minutes, sipping the beers, and he smiled and brought up what was on both of our minds.

He smiled and slowly moved it around my pussy area, not ever touching my clit, I was panting and moaning.

I was complaining to one of my male friends about 3 months ago about my lack of sex play, and he offered, (as any good friend would), to help me out, all for therapeutic purposes, of course.

🙂So I headed over to his house one evening, slightly nervous, with an offering of a case of Corona, a couple of limes and the hopes of ending the evening with a bit of the tension I had been living with escaping me.

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