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He will insist and beg for ‘it’, and when you stick to your guns, he drops the bombshell: “Please, then, let me just use the tip”! Don’t even try to make it look like there is something such as ‘just using the tip’. See, It’s not like the ‘bedroom marathon’ won’t happen, it will (heck, we also like it), but, for cry out loud, give us time.

Even when we give it up, please don’t be in a hurry to introduce to us those crazy styles.

Environmentalists say the damage is worse still at sea where island-sized gyres of garbage float about and fish starve to death, their stomachs filled with plastic waste.

The Retail Trade Association of Kenya said supermarket chains plan to provide re-useable, eco-friendly bags at a small price.'We are subsidising the cost for the benefit of the consumer,' said Willy Kimani, director of the trade group and an executive at the Naivas supermarket chain.

UNEP head Erik Solheim greeted the ban as 'a huge, important step' to ending plastic pollution.

The ban was first announced in February but suspended for six months to allow Kenyan consumers and shopkeepers to adjust to the new rules.

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Some Kenyans took to social media sites to complain of overzealous police stopping vehicles in downtown Nairobi and searching them for plastic bags and, they alleged, bribes.

The moment you accept his Facebook friend request, he starts bombarding you with messages. Commitment to them is a mere suggestion, and is normally very fast in hiding behind their African traditions of polygamy.

He compliments you, then immediately starts flirting and before you know it, he is asking for a romp. You make the mistake of giving him your phone number, he can’t even call. Ladies love a man with some element of mystery, so always maintain your cool, gentlemen. Don’t insult or belittle the waiters, security guys, bouncers (that’s dangerous), and other road users. All of them cite King Solomon, King Mswati and Jacob Zuma are their preferred choice of role models. Boys masquerading as men We all want to drink from the fountain of youth.

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