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Jacob rushes at Paul first and bites and pushes him.Jacob is shown in this scene to be very talented even when this was his first transformation at attacking and countering Paul as he is able to hit him before he has a chance to attack.When Jacob undergoes his first transformation into a wolf, it is in response to Paul one of the pack becomes enraged when he was slapped by Bella causing him to transform prematurely and then attempts to attack her.Jacob noticing this rushes outside to defend Bella he jumps high over her and changes form in midair.Edward decides to leave with her then Jacob grabs him and says "you don't speak for her" causing Edward to uppercut punch him into the air causing him to transform and attempts to kill Edward but is stopped immediately by Bella as she says "You can't harm each other without harming me." Jacob now feeling full of guilt and knowing that he would not harm her due to him still having a tremendous crush on her and her being his best and closest friend to kill Edward decides to accept her wish but he is feeling hurt by her decision which he then runs away.In Eclipse, Jacob, enraged that Bella plans to become a vampire, attempts to distance himself by not returning her phone calls and refusing to see her.Jacob is given a small role in the first book of the series.He is introduced as the son of Billy Black, an old Swan family friend.

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Jacob reminds Edward of his tribe's treaty with the Cullen family, which states that the Cullens are not allowed to bite humans.On one of these visits, Jacob tells Bella that he is in love with her and that he wants her to choose him over Edward.Bella is caught off guard by his confession and tells him she only thinks of him as a friend.When Bella, who has taken increasingly dangerous risks to feel closer to Edward, impulsively jumps off a cliff and almost drowns, Jacob rescues her.After Edward mistakenly believes she has died and plans to kill himself, Bella and Edward's sister, Alice Cullen, rush to Italy to prevent his suicide, leaving Jacob hurt and resentful.

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