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This unexpected firing of multiple rounds creates a potentially dangerous situation.

In the end, if I where to have only one or the other it would be the SCAR. Sent it off for the recall, got it back quickly and with a couple extra PMAGS free. It's a problem many rifles have had over the years. I refuse to pay 0 a mag when I know they're from Midway USA when they're in stock. I do have a SCAR 16s that has been very good to me. It's well balanced, accurate, reliable, and very user friendly in my opinion. He may have been using the acronym "AR" to mean "assault rifle".

Therefore, we are requesting your timely assistance with the following action: 1) Please immediately discontinue the use of your ACR rifle(s).

2) Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-883-6229, (Monday-Friday, AM - PM EST).

Don't get me wrong, they aren't BAD weapons, they just aren't that good either.

You have apparently never taken a close look at an FN built M16. FN is right down the street, and does a lot of their weapons testing on Ft. I have fired every weapon they build, including a couple of prototypes. As much as I love the SCAR in 7.62, I would go with the 5.56 version simply due to the availability of standard AR magazines. I have plenty of experience spanning decades with their products.

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