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(California) station in Sausalito, Calif., for delivery of Red Crown Gasoline and Pearl Oil to customers in the San Francisco Bay area. (Chevron Photo) Divested from its parent company in 1911, Standard Oil Co.

Throughout the early decades of the 20th century, the company’s quality product line successfully served the U. (California) had strong financial discipline, an impressive product line, marketing savvy, a growing refining system, a flexible marine fleet and an extensive pipeline network.

Since Richmond’s location also made it ideal for a marine terminal in San Francisco Bay, Standard expanded its fleet by acquiring several vessels – including the . In 1906, a consolidation between Pacific Coast Oil and Iowa Standard created a new entity, Standard Oil Co.

(California), finalizing an integration that had existed for six years.

The decision concluded the government’s 4 1/2-year suit under the Sherman Antitrust Act against the Standard Oil Co. to expand its search for natural gas in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond, and constructed a second pipeline linking Richmond and the Kern River Field.

In addition to demonstrating its overall growth, the company reaffirmed its pioneering spirit by naming Demetrius Scofield, who tapped the company’s first well, to be president of the Standard Oil Co. In this 1915 photo, a horse-drawn wagon loaded up at a Standard Oil Co.

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(Chevron Photo) Spurred by memories of the gold rush, hordes of prospectors descended on California in the 1860s, seeking another kind of bounty – black gold, or oil. Undeterred, petroleum pioneers Demetrius Scofield and Frederick Taylor of the California Star Oil Works, a Chevron predecessor, took aim at Pico Canyon, a remote portion of the rugged Santa Susana Mountains.In September 1876, driller Alex Mentry succeeded in striking oil in Pico No.4, despite rattlesnakes, wasps, mud and underbrush.After buying 500 acres of rolling lands on the northeast shore of San Francisco Bay in 1901, Standard completed the Richmond Refinery a year later.To feed this new colossus of West Coast refineries, Standard laid a pipeline from Richmond to the prolific new oil fields at Kern River and Coalinga.

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