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It seems kind of pedantic to interrupt every conversation with “But also some bankers are Christian, or Muslim, and even though a disproportionate number of bankers are Jewish that doesn’t mean the Jewish bankers are disproportionately active in ruining the world economy compared to their numbers.” So again you stay uncomfortable.Then the next day you hear people complain about Israeli atrocities in Palestine (what, you thought this was past czarist Russia? There was an argument on Tumblr which, like so many arguments on Tumblr, was terrible. Alice said something along the lines of “I hate people who frivolously diagnose themselves with autism without knowing anything about the disorder. The straw man is a terrible argument nobody really holds, which was only invented so your side had something easy to defeat.They should stop thinking they’re ‘so speshul’ and go see a competent doctor.” Beth answered something along the lines of “I diagnosed myself with autism, but only after a lot of careful research. I think what you’re saying is overly strict and hurtful to many people with autism.” Alice then proceeded to tell Beth she disagreed, in that special way only Tumblr users can. The weak man is a terrible argument that only a few unrepresentative people hold, which was only brought to prominence so your side had something easy to defeat.“Oh, yeah, that was the thing with the creationism.Doesn’t seem very smart.” If this is true, it means that all religious people, like it or not, are in the same boat.Think of the terrible things done by religion, like the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church.

You understand that the Israelis really do commit some terrible acts.Put this in the context of people attacking the Westboro Baptist Church.You see the attacker win a big victory over “religion”, broadly defined.Most of the religious people one encounters are not young-earth creationists.But these people have a dramatic hold on the atheist imagination.

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