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His acting was superb, which is not really a big suprise, but he seemed more into this role than some others I've seen him in. Like a lot of other people, I found Lorraine Bracco's character quite annoying, almost insufferable at certain points, but that's the whole point: her character is supposed to be like that, and the truth is that if she didn't come across as so irritating then that would have been failed acting skills on her part.I think she did a great job at being annoying, which is what she was supposed to do.

After that night nearly four years ago when Nanci and Marcia helped their friend with his dating profile, they did some market research and discovered profile writing was a limited service offered by only a few websites at that time.

The Short Version: Nanci Kavich started Profile Wingman with her friend Marcia Kapustin as a solution to a recurring problem they saw in the dating world — too many people were posting dating profiles of themselves that just weren’t working.

After a little research and some ego-boosting success stories, Nanci and Marcia were able to launch Profile Wingman in 2013.

There is no “sarcasm” tool, just bold and italics to emphasize your text.

There’s no way to ensure that the person reading your words on the other side of the screen will pick up on your implied joke or your subtle shift in tone.

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