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"They thought it was important to have me growing up speaking both, and they didn't stray from that." Alonso travels regularly to the Caribbean and spends every Christmas, if possible, in Puerto Rico.

He lists chicken, rice, black beans and fried plantains as his favorite meal. Ricardo said he has already done several interviews about Alonso with Colombian radio.

"I'm excited to play in a defense I'm familiar with," Alonso said. I just want to go out there and try and help this team win games." It's that kind of attitude that should endear Alonso to all fans, not just Spanish-speaking ones.

He had two alcohol-related arrests in college, but he seems to have put those troubles behind him.

Alonso was born in Massachusetts to a Cuban-born father and Colombian-born mother, and Spanish remains only a second language. But Alonso could be the first who openly embraced his heritage to become a hero for a growing segment of the Eagles fan base.

But his Hispanic heritage remains a significant part of his life, and, perhaps as he is keenly aware, it also is to fans in the community who follow his every tackle. The most important element to that happening, of course, is talent, and the sense that the 24-year-old only scratched the surface as a rookie two years ago.

But Alonso doesn't have to go far to find an expanding number of fans looking to adopt him.This was his opportunity to reunite with Alonso, and more importantly, to add talent at a position that was plagued by injuries last season. "He just fits in that same mode as De Meco and the rest of the guys in that room that loves playing football. He's the same player I saw when I got an opportunity to coach him at Oregon." The only difference: "His hair is longer," Kelly said.Plays that middle linebacker position and it takes so much to do it. The only change in Kelly from his Oregon days, Alonso said, "is that he's coaching a different team." The defense is essentially the same, too.Alonso missed all of last season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.But when the Eagles called the Bills this offseason and offered Mc Coy, it seemed unlikely they could get the former Oregon linebacker in return.

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