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While investigating an empty pool for clues as to the abduction of Snowflake, the dolphin mascot for the Miami Dolphins, Ace impersonates Captain Kirk, holding his sunglasses as though they were a communicator. traveled back in time to save an ancient species from... During a meeting discussing ways to extract a group of US Embassy staffers hiding from Iranian revolutionaries holding most of their co-workers hostage, CIA agent Tony Mendez mentions Star Trek: The Original Series before making his pitch to use movie scouting as the cover for the operation, and name-drops John Chambers as someone who could help them on it; Chambers played a significant role in the operation in both the film and real life. Kirk, Spock and a Klingon, along with a small model of the Enterprise, are among the numerous pieces of sci-fi memorabilia seen on the bookshelves of Mendez' son's bedroom. They are even described as "the latest in android replicant technology".As Kirk, Ace "records" a log entry into his sunglasses, complete with William Shatner's clipped dialogue, stating: "Captain's log, stardate 23.9, rounded off to the... Before attempting to convince his father to accompany his mother to the upcoming local "rhythmic ceremonial ritual", Marty Mc Fly (Michael J.Kirk), Brigitte Spuck (Spock) and Schrotty (Montgomery Scott).While in the 2004 movie their uniforms resembled those from TOS, in this iteration they are reminiscent of the uniforms used in the alternate reality movies.Also, on a list of Cable TV company employees, a Jean-Luc Picard is found.For the record, Andy Dick portrays the Medieval Times host who assists the two combatants.Fox) dressed in a radiation suit, wakes George (Crispin Glover) and introduces himself as "Darth Vader" - an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan; the pronouncement closes as he gives the requisite Vulcan salute, a custom common to its people. The Delorean time machine from the trilogy appeared in issue #5 of Star Trek - Legion of Super-Heroes among other time-traveling devices.In the deleted extended version Marty also mentions that the Supreme Klingon was ordering George to take the Human unit known as Lorraine to the dance. [1] In Peter Jackson's debut 1987 feature film, a town is invaded by aliens, who use people as meat for their fast food chain.

During one of the fights, Chip begins to picture their fight as the battle between Jim Kirk and Spock in the TOS episode "".

The following are Star Trek parodies and references in film.

When Adam, the main character shaves his head for chemotherapy, his buddy Kyle says he "looks like a Klingon, like Worf from Star Trek".

Star Trek: The Original Series is on Cap's list of things that popped up in between World War II and the present day to become familiar with.

The main character, Chris is a big sci-fi and space fan and has a lot of Star Trek memorabilia in his room, including a model kit of the original series Enterprise. Fistergraff asks him if he likes and he replies that it's his favorite one.

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