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Try it if you haven't seen it-you will not be sorry -if you have any taste!!

Goldfoot once again plots to take over the world by creating female robot bombs specifically designed to blow up high-ranking generals of NATO countries. See full summary » "Beach Party" was the first of of a series of seven related AIP beach party films.

Various other beach party favorites make cameo appearances (and advertise a movie...

THE GIRL IN THE GLASS BIKINI...which was never released).

He thought that with seven brides and seven brothers, the story itself lent itself perfectly to the medium since so many characters often had to be onscreen at the same time.

He utilized every inch of the frame to maximize the visual impact of the new technology.

I am about to buy the DVD so I can wallow whenever I like.

The studio, who was being extremely tight with the budget, wound up having to put more money into the production anyway, despite trying to cut every corner.

"I had to shoot and cut everything twice-restage scenes, put in a different set of marks, light it differently, loop it," said Stanley Donen.

This was the film which made dancing acceptable as a male pursuit!! Should have won boatloads of Oscars for a groundbreaking musical.

All the people who slate it for its outdated values should get a life and take it for what it is - a movie, not a political tract!!

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