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The gimmick was unique and had not before been attempted anywhere in American radio.

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John Lennon once stopped by to guest-DJ along with Dennis Elsas and appeared on-air several other times during his friend Scott Muni's afternoon slot.The station's disc jockeys would broadcast in ways that bore out their personalities: Other well-known disc jockeys who worked at the station included Dennis Elsas, Carol Miller, Pete Larkin, brothers Dan Neer and Richard Neer, Jim Monaghan, Pam Merly, Thom Morrera, Meg Griffin, and John Zacherle.WNEW-FM was among the first stations to give Bruce Springsteen significant airplay, and conducted live broadcasts of key Springsteen concerts in 19; Springsteen would sometimes call up the DJs during records.During this era, the station hosted many live broadcasts from the legendary Greenwich Village night club, The Bottom Line.Among the bands featured live from the club were The Police, Joe Jackson, Squeeze, The Records, Rachel Sweet, David Johansen, Rockpile, Mink De Ville and the Tom Robinson Band.

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